25 Gorgeous Work Blazers for Business Women to Get the Professional Looks

Shirts and blazers are fashion items that must be owned by career women. Tailored outer is able to support your appearance to look formal and polite. Women’s blazer designs are more likely to adapt the curves of the body, especially at the waist. Many women likes to collect blazers because it will give the impression of grace and elegance. For a woman, a blazer is a versatile outfit that can be used as a thin casual jacket even as formal clothing that is widely used for work. Blazers have a lot of models that can be used to support the beauty of a woman’s body shape and it is suitable to use in any event that will be attended. For office matters, women generally wear blazers combined with semi-formal contrasting shirts and span skirts.

To look more modern, casual plus elegant, women can wear a blazer combined with black slim-fit pants that are styled with high boots and a dark red handbag. Blazers can also show a little bit masculine sense’s in women. For example, you can wear long black trousers with white top and dark gray blazer tops. For the selection of shoes you can choose brown pointed-toe pumps. Using contrasting colors and bold can also be an alternative choice for your dress styles in using a blazer. For your lower body, you can wear patterned knee skirt and red classic high heels. Blazers are made from varied materials, therefore choose quality fabrics because its affect the quality of the blazer that were produced. Materials that commonly used in making blazers include leather, wool, linen, silk, satin, velvet, corduroy, lace, and cotton. Just check the pictures below and grab your inspiration!

For an elegant look when you go to work, you can wear a black blazer and combine it with a white shirt and black pants. For accessories add gold necklaces and watches. So, your appearance will look elegant and professional.
Glamorous look for your work clothes, then choose a white coat combined with collared bottom blouse with sequined collar and white pleated shorts. Next, add accessories to look elegant, like high heels and handbags.
If you work and want to look professional, then try a more casual style, such as torn pants and a striped shirt and then coated with a black blazer and white tank top. Large handbag and glasses for accessories.
Animal print blazer without collar worn on a white shirt tucked in your body. It’s beautiful and modern clothes to look professional when you work.
Black and white checkered blazer worn on a white shirt tucked in sleek black pants arranged with tall boots and a dark red handbag. So that your appearance at work will look very professional.
Black blazer worn with white t-shirt combined with navy skinny jeans. Furthermore, leopard print pumps and handbags for accessories to make your appearance look attractive and professional.
Relaxed black lace dress worn with lace printed blazer and styled with classic heels. Don’t forget the big handbag and high heels for accessories so that your appearance will look beautiful while working.
A pale pink blazer worn with a simple black top and the same colored subordinates. Make your appearance look simple but still professional at work.
This elegant outfit for you to go to work consists of a pretty floppy hat, a blazing double-breasted blazer and a printed Houndstooth pencil skirt. Next, add accessories for high heels, sequined clutches, and sunglasses.
That’s pretty office clothes. We see a white blazer and a silk blouse tucked in slender pants. Then high-heeled cream shoes and a light brown tote bag of the same color for your accessories.
What about the classic appearance for you business woman? We see a rich blue blazer worn over a white top combined with dark blue and slim trousers. For accessories add glossy pointed shoes and silk scarves printed with beautiful skulls. This looks very pretty!
The look that suits you best to work with a pretty checkered blazer then combined with a gray t-shirt and black pants. Then for accessories, add a sling bag, white shoes and a belt.
No matter how professional your clothes are, you always have to follow the business attire guidelines. We saw a pink skirt suit consisting of a blazer, white shirt, and updated pencil skirt with yellow high heels.
Every business woman must travel all over the world, which is why it is important to choose clothes that are comfortable during your trip. Here we see a gray blazer styled with a simple white tank top paired with black pants and brown high heels.
It really looks bright, with a blue blazer then finished with a white blouse and blue pants. Then, colorful high heels and handbags for accessories so you look professional when working.
Every professional needs some important things in his clothes. Choose a black blazer and coated with a striped shirt that is equipped with flat shoes and a brown handbag for accessories.

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A crisp white blazer looks stunning worn over a gray dress. You can add white high heels to complete the look. Very suitable for you to work.
Look chic for you business woman with this black blazer, a casual white shirt tucked in high waisted mini shorts.
Beige blazer can be combined with white tops and light blue brocade skirts. High heels and white handbags for accessories. You can try this appearance when going to work to look professional.
Update your white separation with a gray blazer and shoes of the same color then white trousers. Sling bags and glasses for accessories. This idea is good for you to try while working.

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Look at this stylish blazer easy to work. We see a white blazer without collar combined with a white blouse, black miniskirt and black high-heeled shoes. This style looks very femini but still professional for your work.
How about wearing a classic business suit? Here we see a pink trouser suit muted with matching turtlenecks. Next, add accessories like, handbag and gray shoes.
The gray suit is then coated with black turtleneck, then for high-heeled shoe accessories. This idea is suitable for simple style business women.
If you like the style of the seventies, then I have the appearance of an extraordinary business woman. We see a purple trouser suit arranged with a turtleneck. Then for accessories add cat-eye sunglasses, and white high heels.
You definitely like the cool style but still professional for you to go to work is mixing and matching the basics, we see a gray blazer printed window paired with a white shirt tucked in skinny navy pants.

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