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46 Simple Nail Art Ideas for Ladies on This Year

Appearance is important for every woman. The first thing a person comments on when seeing someone else is how that person looks. So, as a woman, you must be able to maintain the appearance from the top down. There is one small part of a person’s appearance that is sometimes not noticed even though it is very important to treat, it is nails. Nails are small things that are sometimes left alone. If it feels clean, that’s enough. Though caring for nails to be healthier and prettier is something that must be done by a woman. Don’t let your appearance be disturbed by bad nails on your fingers.

Caring for your nails to be healthier and fresher is easier to do. To beautify your nails, you can use nail art. Nail art aims to enhance the appearance of nails, by giving pictures, paintings, or other decorations. No need to pay handsomely at the salon, because now, nail art can be done alone in your home with simple motifs that are easy to make. But before that, you must have tools for making nail art such as nail polish, base coat, nail pacifier, masking tape, brush pen details, nail stickers, and masking tape, you can easily find it in stores or supermarkets. Then, determine what motives you want to apply to your nails. For beginners, choose a simple motif and not choose a complicated motif. Like some of the images below, we present images of simple nail art ideas that you can emulate.

The appearance of this simple modern nail is just white paint with black lines.
Long flower petals may not work for your short nails, but all you need is one dotting tool to create these mini flowers.
Lines create the perfect minimalist nail art on nails of any length.
Simple nail designs for women that are trending this year for example with blue nail polish one golden line on solid nail polish colors and you glam!
Sparkling white nails combined with four dots, one line, to make your nails more clean and beautiful
For a cool touch, just do a line of polkadots around the edge of your nail.

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The beauty of these tapering fingers using wine color nail polish combined with shiny silver nail polish.
Add your nail polish with a shiny red color and then give an artistic touch with beautiful pearl accessories.
Beautiful touch on the fingers with blunt nails using red nail polish, then add white and blue wavy.
The beauty of these nails uses red paint combined with neutral colors, then add your sweetener to your fingers with a classy gold ring.
Soft points combined with sparkling red complete with diamond accessories to make your nails look more attractive.
Add gold accessories on your fingers to perfect your nails with a long, shiny red color.
The red and white colors with this random pattern are perfect for blunt nail art designs.
Combine color red nail polish with black ring fingers and exotic pearl trimmings.
Design nails with white base and red floral designs to make your nails look neat and clean.
Gold accessories on your nails with red paint look stunning.
Design nails with flower and diamond motifs, then add red nail polish to make your nails look bright.
Simple ideas for blunt tip nails with red and silver accessories that impress your fingers looking sweet.
This simple red nail polish is combined with soft silver motif dots.
This simple idea for long blunt tip nails uses a bright red color to look neat and stunning.
Design nail polish with red, black then add varied lines to make your nails look simple but charming.
Use red nail polish hubcap then add a black floral motif underneath the red line for your oval nails.
This beautiful nail color combination uses 3 colors to make an impression more attractive with your short nails.
This simple idea for long nails uses red nail polish and artistic crystal dot patterns.
Display of women’s nails with red nail polish, this nail design is suitable for short nails to look more presentable.
Design nails for women with red nail polish, silver and gold accessories to complement your sparkling nail designs.
These pointed nails can be your inspiration, then color your nails with red paint that matches the white heart.
Display simple nails for women with red nail polish so that your nails look neat and comfortable.
This classy nail appearance uses sparkling red nail polish with a gold ring full of pearls.
This woman’s nails use pearl accessories and faded red nail polish.
Beautiful appearance of pointed nails with red nail polish, then add your sweetener to your finger with a pearl ring.
Design nails with red paint then add a striped pattern to make your nails look more tapered.
This beautiful tapering finger uses red nail polish and then adds stunning gold ring accessories.
This beautiful nail for women uses a red base paint, then adds a simple white heart painting.
Nail art for women with pointed nails you can use enchanting wine red paint.
Nail art designs for women with red paint then add a soft dot color to look beautiful.
Simple design for oval nails then add shiny red nail polish.
Simple design for oval nails with color paint then add beautiful heart themed gold accessories.
Design your nails with the theme of black lines and red paint for long nails.
Beautiful red base nail art, then add a stunning crystal theme.
Women’s nail art with a black pattern on a shiny red color that makes blunt nails look neat.
Simple nail art design with glossy red nail polish for pointed nails.
You can mix flower-patterned nail art with red to make your nails look neat and unique.
Simple nail art with red paint and silver glitter to enhance the appearance of blunt tip nails.
Women’s nail art to a matching leaf color theme with 3 shiny red fingers.
Simple nail design with red paint, use
 motifs of hearts that contrast with the color.

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