22 Most Eye-Catching Nail Art Designs to Inspire You

Nail art is an extension off what you wear. And best nail art can give you a lot of attention and compliments. You can add glamour to your look only with nail art. If you feel bored with your classic or monotone nail color, try something fun and quirky that will complete your look for whatever mood you are in.

Everything about nail art design is so fresh and youthful. The color combination is great and it can be pulled off your summer nail look. You can also use a different set of nail colors if you are aiming for a different look for your nail. Check out these 23 most eye-catching nail art designs to inspire you below.

The color combination on the nail creates a soft and beautiful look. Besides use white, also use soft color for the combination.
The color combination also blends pretty well into the adorable design. This design uses several colors that blend into amazing unity.
Not only with red and pastel colors, but with other colors like green are also very interesting to make nail art.
French mani is one of my favorite nail art to make the style more beautiful. Spice up with flower paint to enhance this design.
In addition to accents, letting french mani without accents is also very good to give a natural impression. Just add a white tip to the tip of the nail, this is very easy to try.
To get a more elegant and classy impression, make black lace nail art very beautiful and charming. In addition, black is a natural color to create a dramatic impression.
Combining pastel pink with black lace accents creates a classy feminine look. You can try this nail art for everyday style.
In addition to making black lace at the tip of the nail, making an accent at the corner of the nail is also one way to create the perfect nail art.
If you are a donut lover, making pink nail art with ceres accents on it will make this design look very delicious.
Make a silver and pastel orange striped turn your boring design into an easy but still awesome nail art design.
Apply the yellow stripes on your black nails just by using your hand can you try at home. Besides simple, this style is easy.
By adding the feather accents on the white nail always remain trendy and fascinating.
The beautiful layers of different colors looks cute but easy and artistic design. For example, use blue, gold, and red color combination.
The beautiful polish shades used in the nail style gets so much enhanced when you use the vibrant neon shades like in this picture.
By adding pink glitter make this nail design look elegant and give a vibrant of feminine.
For simple nail art, paint small dots on the black nail is one way to make it. This make the black nail more stylish and nice.
The marble nail with some color changes the boring design to become a colorful and beautiful design.
Match the blue with pink is one way to create a feminine look. You can use pink to paint flowers on the blue nail.
Use flowers for nail accents very beautiful for flower lovers. You can try it with several colors so that this nail art becomes colored.
The combination of black, white plaid with nude nail color never fails to give a beautiful nail arts.
A small heart decoration is enough to create contrast in a cute but easy nail art design like the one in this picture.

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